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We create transparent streams of impact between digital communities and real-life communities

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Current Project: On-Chain Quadratic Voting and Matching Pool in Togo, West Africa

We are building and deploying a software application that will onboard 100 Togolese into Web3, allow them to submit proposals for IRL public goods (wells for clean water, schools, clinics, entrepreneurial endeavors for economic growth, etc), and conduct quadratic voting on the proposals that are most meaningful to them.

The old way of non-profit work often involves a charitable outsider trying to solve the problems of a struggling community. Although this is well meaning, we’ve created a better way. Using Gitcoin’s Allo Protocol and Grants Stack, we empower local people to propose their own solutions to the struggles their community is facing, signal to donors which proposals are most desired, and then leverage local laborers and vendors to build and maintain the public goods that are funded.

About Impact Stream

Overall, our mission is to create transparent, on-chain, and accountable impact between digital and IRL communities. Blockchains have ushered in new technology that allows anyone to observe verifiable transactions between known or anonymous people. Our goal is to level-up NGOs into web3; helping them leverage on-chain capabilities and operate transparently.

When you give money to a traditional non-profit, you rarely have a way of knowing where exactly your money goes. You don’t how much goes to overhead and/or how much goes to the cause you care about. With Impact Stream, we encourage as many transactions as possible to occur on-chain to promote transparency. We envision this method becoming the gold standard for ethical non-profits around the globe. Our hope is to partner with digital communities - and especially web3 communities - who want to make an impact for the good of our planet and the flourishing of humanity.

phone with voting options

What is Quadratic Funding?

Quadratic Funding (QF) is a novel mechanism for allocating resources in a decentralized manner, primarily used in the context of public goods funding. It aims to distribute funds based both on the principle of "one person, one vote" and the intensity of individual preferences. By leveraging a quadratic formula, quadratic funding provides matching contributions to projects or initiatives based on the collective support they receive from a diverse pool of contributors. This approach encourages broad participation and empowers individuals to influence resource allocation, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and democratic funding ecosystem.

For our purposes in Togo, we are facilitating 100 Togolese to participate in QF by proposing and voting on public goods projects within their communities.

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